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Corinne, studied documentary filmmaking at Columbia College, Chicago, before moving into freelance work in film and video production. She has used her skills to specialize in promotional endeavors for non-profit organizations such as the Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Combining all her skills and interests, she helped found Eyes Open Productions, a non-profit media company, through which she co-created Women with Voices: the Global Grassroots Women's Movement, a documentary covering tales from the feminist front in various parts of the world. Corinne's interest in political issues and women also led her to the Fourth World Conference on Women Non-Governmental Organization Forum in Beijing, China in 1995. At the time of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean journey, Corinne had recently been part of the team behind the new Chicago Symphony Orchestra ECHO Project: The CSO A-Musing Room, an inter-active, multi-media introduction to the world of Classical Music. She had been a year-round urban cyclist for three years.

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Corinne's Project: My Life As an IJ

bulletFirst Installment, Morocco 10/10/97
bulletSecond Installment, Post-Morocco 10/20/97
bullet"HitchBiking" 12/14/97
bullet"Let your message go far" -- This article appeared in the July issue of Bike Culture Quarterly. In it, Corinne talks about the BikeAbout experience, what school visits are like, and some of the challenges they have faced.

Corinne's Dispatches

bulletSeptember 25, 1997
Topics: thoughts about the upcoming trip
bulletSeptember 26-27, 1997, Tangier, Morocco
Topics: tajine (food), mint tea, clothing, Phoenicians, money
bulletOctober 2, 1997, Ketama, Morocco
Topics: Mount Tidighin, Rif Mountains, water, women in society
bulletOctober 3, 1997, Al Hoceima, Morocco
Topics: biegnets (food), border crossing, customs, environment, scenery, Muslim holy day
bulletOctober 8, 1997, Melilla, Spain
Topics: border crossing, Phoenicians, HISTORY, language, environment
bulletOctober 24-25, 1997, El Haouaria & Hammamet, Tunisia
Topics: Phoenicians, Punic artifacts, El Haouaria, falconry, environment, vegetation
bulletOctober 31-November 1, 1997, Sfax, Tunisia
Topics: agriculture, olives, culture, daily life, access for the disabled
bulletNovember 12-13, 1997, Bronte, Sicily, Italy
Topics: Lord Nelson, volcanos, Archimedes, history, environment, bicycle safety
bulletNovember 20, 1997
Topics: a day in the life of a BikeAbout rider
bulletNovember 23, 1997, Cairo, Egypt
Topics: babganooj (food), Living Cemetery, Fortress of Babylon, Nile River, religious sites, architecture
bulletNovember 30, 1997, Alexandria, Egypt
Topics: Alexander the Great, history, Greek and Egyptian antiquities, black market, Pharos, Fort Qait Bay
bulletDecember 7, 1997, Gaza City, Palestine
Topics: Intifada, security checkpoints, border crossing, leaving Egypt, environment, vegetation
bulletDecember 11, 1997, Gaza City, Palestine
Topics: opportunity for cultural exchange; Mediterranean beach; environment, refugee camps, Intifada, Palestinian daily life
bulletDecember 16, 1997, Beit Sahour (near Bethlehem), West Bank
Topics: Arabic greetings, security checkpoints, Shepherds' Field, religious sites, Israeli/Palestinian conflict
bulletDecember 17, 1997-January 11, 1998
Topics: thoughts during mid-trip break
bulletJanuary 15, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: education/arts, Arab/Israeli exchange, social change organizations, "Healing the World"
bulletJanuary 20, 1998, Haifa, Israel
Topics: bamba (food), friendship, peaceful coexistence, Caesarea Roman Amphitheater & Crusader City
bulletJanuary 24, 1998, Limassol (Lesmosos), Cyprus
Topics: car accident, pain, frustration
bulletJanuary 25-28, 1998, Nicosia (Lefkosia), Cyprus
Topics: politics, Amnesty International, Greek vocabulary
bulletJanuary 29, 1997 - February 1, 1998, Paphos, Cyprus
Topics: wildlife, bike safety, diving
bulletFebruary 2-8, 1998, Paphos, Cyprus & Rhodes, Greece
Topics: wildlife, Mediterranean Sea, ferry travel, Greek mythology, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
bulletFebruary 11-12, 1998, Mugla, Turkey
Topics: mountain, youth hostels, exhaustion, forever sunsets
bulletFebruary 13-14, 1998, Milas, Turkey
Topics: pine honey (food), St. Peter's Castle & Museum, potholes on the uphill
bulletFebruary 15-16, 1998, Selçuk, Turkey
Topics: ruins ruins everywhere, the Oracle, apple tea (food), the effects of war on tourism
bulletFebruary 17, 1998, Izmir, Turkey
Topics: Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, bad coffee, HISTORY, Izmir, Gülden Güllü (Person of the Day)
bulletFebruary 18-20, 1998, Izmir, Turkey
Topics: school presentations, press interviews, live chat madness, email Turkish students!
bulletFebruary 21-23, 1998, Çanakkale, Turkey
Topics: Asclepion, Pergamum Acropolis, Troy, cheap transportation
bulletFebruary 24-25, 1998, Istanbul, Turkey
Topics: mountain cheese, Gallipoli, Dardanelles Strait, being hidden in the back room of a restaurant
bulletMarch 11-12, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: kaltsounia (food), intricacies of the Greek language, velodrome, "Greek" vs. "Hellenic", Crete, "kafeneio", AEGEE, Erasmus, cultural exchange
bulletMarch 18-19, 1998, Langadia, Greece
Topics: Nafplio, Venetian Fortresses, biking in snow, Arcadia region, Tripoli, Pan the god of good times, peaceful mountains
bulletMarch 26, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: Ioannina High School, wax museum, George Tselikas (Person of the Day), dangerously strong winds, Konitsa at night
bulletMarch 29, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: fresh stewed green beans (food), parasailing, lift, thermals, the Sky
bulletApril 3, 1998, Tirana, Albania
Topics: tavë dhen (food), National Museum, National Gallery, "Linda" women's cultural center
bulletApril 8-10, 1998, Bari, Italy
Topics: octagonal castle, Frederick the II, Trulli houses, sudden change in travel plans
bulletApril 13-14, 1998, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Topics: Adriatic Coast, DIA Sarajevo Euroclub, HISTORY
bulletApril 18-19, 1998, Split, Croatia
Topics: biking, headwind, rain, wildlife and endangered species, lodging, tourist towns, Dalmatian islands
bulletApril 28-29, 1998, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Topics: potic(z)a (food and recipe), HISTORY, Metelkova Mesto, andrEa's gallery
bulletMay 3-4, 1998, Venice/Venezia, Italy
Topics: tiramisu (food), Venezia, Piazza and Basilica San Marco (St. Mark Square and Basilica), the Venezia boat system (vaporetti), Marco Polo
bulletMay 9-10, 1998, Ancona, Italy
Topics: polpette (food), modern family life, Marche Region, Ancona's port, a very long bike day
bulletMay 16-17, 1998, Roma (Rome), Italy
Topics: focaccia (food), bikes on trains in Italy, rain, Appian Way, the road to Roma
bulletMay 22-24, 1998, Pisa, Italy
Topics: Tuscany, University student life in Pisa, Bicincittà (Pisa and Roma), reducing traffic to maintain ruins
bulletMay 28, 1998, Genova (Genoa), Italy
Topics: pesto (food), Meucci Technical High School visit, Italian telecommunication monopoly, life in Genova, more rain
bulletJune 4, 1998, Marseille, France
Topics: bouillabaisse (food), exchange networks, Association DIA (Dialogues and Initiatives), Maison Orangina, Corsica, Marseille, French colonial and political influence around the world
bulletJune 10-11, 1998, Figueres, Spain
Topics: handicapped bicyclists, hospitality, Perpignan, Padraic's departure, Côte Vermeille/Costa Brava, "tra montana" winds, Catalonia, history, Iberian Peninsula

Anthony Corinne andrEa Ethan Padraic
Anthony Corinne andrEa Ethan Padraic

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