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Egypt photo of Corinne

Warning: Today's dispatch contains zero historical or cultural information — just a lot of good, clean, FUN! Get your quads in gear, because in today's dispatch, YOU are the honorary IJ (Internet Jockey)!

At 6:00 PM
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Sunrise (local): way too late in the day
Sunset (local): way too early in the day
typical Mediterranean toss-up
Traveled Since Yesterday
Quite a Distance

A Helluva Lot More
Lat: Northern Hemisphere
Lon: Eastern Hemisphere
Elev: As High as You Wanna Be

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Somewhere in the Mediterranean
Where We're Staying: All the IJs are stuffed into two tiny hotel rooms
Places We Visited: Pharmacy
Featured Site: Local Bureaucratic House of Horror
Person of the Day: YOU, the Honorary IJ!!
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: meal of your dreams
Breakfast: same old, same old
Lunch: who has time for lunch?
Dinner: whatever you can find
Olive Count: reaching the critical point
Word of the Day: SPONSORSHIP — learn it, LOVE it!
Tech Fact of the Day: INVENTORY — the raw reality
Flat Count (Cumulative): fewer than we had thought by now — knock on wood
Broken Spoke Count (Cumulative): WAY more than we had expected click to view a photograph
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Next Stop: Figure it out when you get there — you're an IJ!

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