Corinne's Packing List
as of October 3, 1997

picture of Corinne
Personal Clothes
bullet1 black t-shirt
bullet1 long street shorts
bullet2 sewn boxer shorts
bullet1 pair tights
bullet1 pair jeans
bullet1 set silk long underwear
bullet2 sports bras
bullet2 regular bras
bullet4 pair socks
bullet6 pair undies
bulletblack hightops
bulletwhite canvas flats
bulletbaseball hat
bullet2 pair sunglasses

Cycling Clothes
bullet4 bike jerseys
bullet1 long sleeve bike jersey
bulletwindbreaker jacket
bulletclick pedals & shoes
bullet2 tight bike shorts
bullet1 baggy bike shorts
bulletbike gloves
bulletfanny pack
bullethelmet w/ visor

Personal Stuff
bulletsleep sheet sack
bulletaloe vera gel
bulletbaby wipes
bullettoothpaste, brush, floss
bulletvitamins and allergy meds
bulletaspirin and other goodies
bulletmoisturizers galore
bulletmini tissue packs
bullet2 sticks deodorant
bullettiger balm
bullettoilet paper
bulletsleep mask
bulletear plugs
bulletcurry spice
bulleta spoon
bulletlegal pad, pens, markers
bulletmini notebook & post-its
bulletpostcards & stamps
bulletfamily photo
bulletbusiness cards
bulletcredit cards & ID
bulletpassport/money belt
bulletaddress & phone number lists
bulletfolders for all sorts of papers & disks
bulletbook on selling magazine articles

Bike Stuff
bullet2 water bottles
bullet2 tire pumps
bullettools, patch kit, spare tube & parts
bulletgallon sized plastic zipper bags
bulletbig old garbage bags
bulletbungee cords & bubble wrap

BikeAbout Stuff
bulletBikeAbout written information & posters
bulletlonely planet books
bulletcomputer power pack, cables & cords
bulletvideo camera, manual, & MANY accessories
bulletdigital still camera

Stuff in the B.O.B. Sack
bulletvideotapes & tripod
bullet2 computers
bullet1 protective case
bulletmedical kit
bulletbackpack for daytrips

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