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Since the completion of their journey, members of the BikeAbout team have spoken at schools and to biking and civic organizations in Maine, Ohio and elsewhere. If your school or organization is interested in inviting members of the BikeAbout team to meet with your students, teachers and other members of your community, please contact BikeAbout at with your request.


bulleteDscape Chat 'n Debate
Each Wednesday during BikeAbout's Mediterranean Journey, the riders logged on to chat live with students. Transcripts of these chats are available on the eDscape Web site.
bulletI*EARN Project Conference
I*EARN has encouraged its schools along the bike route to participate in the BikeAbout project and has created an on-line Conference (newsgroup) to enable those without WWW access to participate in this project. For more information, send e-mail to:
bulletePALS Classroom Exchange
Meet and correspond with over 6,500 international K-12 students, schools, teachers, keypals and pen pals. ePALS are educational and FUN!

bulletSeeds of Peace
The Seeds of Peace organization seeks to "build peace in the Middle East one friend at a time." In addition to a summer camp program, Seeds of Peace organizaes and participates in a variety of conferences and other events. The Seed Talk Network is an online discussion forum with a dynamic list of topics, including Cyprus politics and the Middle East peace talks.
bulletGlobal Education Forum
Bi-monthly on-line debate on education issues, open to parents, teachers and other interested parties. Forum is conducted in Spanish, Catalan and English. Other languages may be added as facilitators are found.
bulletGORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) Interactive Forum
From June 21 to July 11, BikeAbout founder Ethan Gelber was a guest on GORP's interactive forum. He fielded questions about the Mediterranean journey, as well as general issues around long trip planning and preparation, international travel with bikes, first aid, bike repair, and all the other challenges that road tourers face. Although the primary dates of the forum are over, Ethan is still available to answer questions posed to him online at GORP.

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