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[Webmaster's Note: Due to BikeAbout's financial troubles, andrEa left the team in Istanbul and volunteered as an advance scout helping to prepare for the BikeAbout trip through the Balkans. Thanks Ea!]

andrEa was born and lives in Graz, Austria. She cut short her training as an architect when she realized that she did not agree with a basic philosophy about the role of architecture in contemporary life, and turned her attention to international non-profits. With an eye toward art, organizing and bicycling, she has designed promotional materials (T-shirts, posters, postcards) and written interesting case studies about community-building and communication. andrEa has also often been the only woman bike messenger at VeloBlitz-courier, where she has worked on and off for four years, even going to the 1993 and 1995 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Berlin and Toronto, and the 1996 European races in Hamburg. andrEa has traveled by bike and foot all over Europe, and for 2,200 kilometers through New Zealand. At the time of the BikeAbout journey, she was focusing her attention on learning more and more about photography, computers and the Internet, as tools to be used separately and together, especially in support of communication and community-building.

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bulletandrEa's Web site, part 1
bulletandrEa's Web site, part 2
bulletPhotos from andrEa's exhibition in Slovenia
bulletandrEa's Favorite Art Web Sites
bulletApril 28, 1998 -- Exhibition of andrEa's photography
Exhibition features photos taken during her participation in BikeAbout--the Mediterranean. Held at the Galerija Alkatraz in Ljubljana, Slovenia. View the postcard announcing this event. [JPG, 70KB]

andrEa's Dispatches

bulletSeptember 25, 1997
Topics: thoughts about the upcoming trip
bulletSeptember 26-27, 1997, Tangier, Morocco
Topics: tajine (food), mint tea, clothing, Phoenicians, money
bulletOctober 1, 1997, Chefchaouen, Morocco
Topics: herira (food), Moroccan toilets, medina, daily life, architecture, kasbah, sharif
bulletOctober 9, 1997, Saidia, Morocco
Topics: Madigh (Madarh) region, Beni-Snassen Mountains, Nador, environment, bicycle safety
bulletOctober 17-18, 1997, Tunis, Tunisia
Topics: Port of Tunis, economy, agriculture, border crossing
bulletOctober 26, 1997, Sousse, Tunisia
Topics: Crêpes (food), women in society, Maghreb, tourism, maps, navigation, GPS
bulletNovember 2, 1997, Gabès, Tunisia
Topics: bicycle tech, tourism
bulletNovember 11, 1997, Catania, Sicily, Italy
Topics: minestrone (food), Lipari Islands, Homer, Mount Etna, volcanos, history
bulletNovember 24-25, 1997, Cairo, Egypt
Topics: dolma (food), cultural exchange, schools
bulletDecember 8, 1997, Gaza City, Palestine
Topics: cultural exchange
bulletDecember 12, 1997, Ashqelon, Israel
Topics: challah (food), Sabbath, ancient Ashqelon, Philistine city-states, Crusades, exchange rates, security checkpoints, vegetation, environmentalism
bulletDecember 17, 1997-January 11, 1998
Topics: thoughts during mid-trip break
bulletJanuary 14, 1998, Jerusalem
Topics: labaneh (food), Benny and Esther van Vlymen (People of the Day), Jerusalem by ofnayim/bike, Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), Cinematheque, metal monies and symbols
bulletJanuary 19, 1998, Givat Haviva, Israel
Topics: Green Line, cornflakes (food), Givat Haviva, equality and understanding
bulletJanuary 20, 1998, Haifa, Israel
Topics: bamba (food), friendship, peaceful coexistence, Caesarea Roman Amphitheater & Crusader City
bulletFebruary 2-8, 1998, Paphos, Cyprus & Rhodes, Greece
Topics: wildlife, Mediterranean Sea, ferry travel, Greek mythology, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
bulletFebruary 11-12, 1998, Mugla, Turkey
Topics: mountain, youth hostels, exhaustion, forever sunsets
bulletFebruary 13-14, 1998, Milas, Turkey
Topics: pine honey (food), St. Peter's Castle & Museum, potholes on the uphill
bulletFebruary 15-16, 1998, Selçuk, Turkey
Topics: ruins ruins everywhere, the Oracle, apple tea (food), the effects of war on tourism
bulletFebruary 17, 1998, Izmir, Turkey
Topics: Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, bad coffee, HISTORY, Izmir, Gülden Güllü (Person of the Day)
bulletFebruary 18-20, 1998, Izmir, Turkey
Topics: school presentations, press interviews, live chat madness, email Turkish students!
bulletFebruary 21-23, 1998, Çanakkale, Turkey
Topics: Asclepion, Pergamum Acropolis, Troy, cheap transportation
bulletFebruary 24-25, 1998, Istanbul, Turkey
Topics: mountain cheese, Gallipoli, Dardanelles Strait, being hidden in the back room of a restaurant

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Anthony Corinne andrEa Ethan Padraic

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