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At 6:00 PM
previous day's journalOctober 24–25, 1997next day's journal
Sunrise (local): 6:35 a.m.
Sunset (local): 5:28 p.m.
75°F windy
Traveled Since Oct. 23
65 mi / 104 km (Fri.)
61 mi / 98 km (Sat.)

698 mi / 1123 km
Lat: 36° 23' 46" N
Lon: 10° 37' 15" E
Elev: 0 ft / 0 m

[Webmaster's note: This dispatch covers the travel days from October 24 to October 25. The almanac data refers to October 25.]

Fast Facts

Where We Are: El Haouaria (10/24) click to view a map / Hammamet (10/25) click to view a map
Where We're Staying: Pension Dar Toubib (10/24) / Auberge de Jeunesse, Hammamet (10/25)
Places We Visited: International Cultural Center, Kerkouane
Featured Site: Kerkouane click to visit the World Heritage Site page
Person of the Day: Mr. Habib Mejdouba, Director of the Hammamet Youth Center
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: pomegranate
Breakfast: pastries and Turkish cakes
Lunch: decorative bread
Dinner: couscous, spaghetti, crêpes
Olive Count: 621
Words of the Day: Ah-salaama and bi-salaama mean "hi" and "bye" in Tunisian Arabic.
Tech Fact of the Day: On breezy days, when you are traveling into the wind, you are fighting what's called a "headwind" because you're "headed" right into the wind. This can be a serious problem when bicycling. Gravity and friction from the road (as well as the general fatigue associated with being an IJ) are already working to your disadvantage, but most of the resistance you feel on a flat or downhill road comes from the wind. Even a slight wind in your face can be uncomfortable, making you feel weak (or like you are pulling a trailer), but strong winds can slow you down to a crawl. In extreme cases you even have to pedal hard going downhill!
Flat Count: 2
Broken Spoke Count: 9
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Next Stop: Sousse!

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