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Padraic is now Assistant Professor of European History at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he teaches courses on European, American, and World History. At the time of the BikeAbout–the Mediterranean journey, he had just earned his Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, completing a dissertation that examined how 19th-century governments responded to early acts of terrorism and political violence. His current research focuses on espionage and intelligence work in Victorian Britain. For the past ten years, Padraic has combined his academic interests with his love of cycling and travel: organizing, leading, and participating in bicycle tours throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Padraic has at times boasted (quietly) about his microwave oven skills, memorably winning the prestigious Iron Chef competition with his ingenious creations using Velveeta Cheese Products. Or not.

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bulletSeptember 25, 1997
Topics: thoughts about the upcoming trip
bulletSeptember 26-27, 1997, Tangier, Morocco
Topics: tajine (food), mint tea, clothing, Phoenicians, money
bulletSeptember 28-29, 1997, Tetouan, Morocco
Topics: artisans, education, kasbah, Moors, history, djellabas, clothing
bulletOctober 5-6, 1997, Kaceta & Nador, Morocco
Topics: daily life, women in society
bulletOctober 11, 1997, Melilla, Spain
Topics: tortilla con queso (food), Algeria, Melilla, border crossing
bulletOctober 19-20, 1997, Tunis, Tunisia
Topics: brik (food), environment, Bizerte, wildlife, Utique (Utica), mosaics, Punic tombs
bulletOctober 24-25, 1997, El Haouaria & Hammamet, Tunisia
Topics: Phoenicians, Punic artifacts, El Haouaria, falconry, environment, vegetation
bulletOctober 30, 1997, El Jem/El Djem, Tunisia
Topics: Emperor Gordian I, Roman Amphitheater
bulletNovember 8-9, 1997, Gabès & Tunis, Tunisia
Topics: tajine (food), mosaics, art and artifacts, Punic artifacts, mosque
bulletNovember 21, 1997, Giza, Egypt
Topics: fatta (food), Seven Wonders of the World, building Pyramids, history, Pharaohs, ancient religion, antiquities, daily life
bulletNovember 26, 1997, Saqqara, Egypt
Topics: Imhotep, Step Pyramid, Zoser, Old Kingdom, Memphis, Dahshur pyramids, Pharaoh
bulletDecember 1-2, 1997, Zagazig & Ismailia, Egypt
Topics: Nile River, taxis, train travel, rules of the road, environment
bulletDecember 17, 1997-January 11, 1998
Topics: thoughts during mid-trip break
bulletJanuary 24, 1998, Irbid, Jordan
Topics: border crossing, Dead Sea, Jordan River Valley, Jericho
bulletJanuary 25-28, 1998, Irbid, Jordan (01/25); Beirut, Lebanon (01/28)
Topics: Amman (Jordan), visas, Irbid (Jordan), the Palestinian Question, King Hussein, HISTORY, Beirut first impressions
bulletJanuary 31, 1997 - February 1, 1998, Beirut, Lebanon
Topics: mana-eesh (food), social life, Lebanese civil war, Palestinian refugees, history, recreation
bulletFebruary 5-6, 1998, Tripoli (Trablous), Lebanon
Topics: Znoud el s'ett (food), Citadel of St. Giles, Ottomans, cedars, Crusaders
bulletFebruary 11-12, 1998, Istanbul, Turkey
Topics: travel
bulletFebruary 14-15, 1998, Silifke, Turkey
Topics: Adana, Mersin, Korykos, Kizkalesi, Silifke, traffic, HISTORY, Crusades, castles
bulletFebruary 21-22, 1998, Kas(h), Turkey
Topics: Turkish ravioli (food), St. Nicholas, Diocletian, Lycia, Myra, history, Chimera, Mount Olympos, scenery
bulletFebruary 27-28, 1998, Istanbul, Turkey
Topics: Minisa kebab (food), Byzantine Empire, Hagia Sofia/Aya Sofia/Sancta Sophia/Church of the Holy Wisdom, Justinian, daily life, Mosque of Sultan Ahmet/Blue Mosque, Ottoman Empire
bulletMarch 7-8, 1998, Larisa, Greece
Topics: salanaki (food), sports, Mount Athos (Agios Oros), Greek Orthodox monasteries, salt and bikes, travel, mythology
bulletMarch 15, 1998, Athens, Greece
Topics: tiropitakia (food), museum for the blind, village life, Internet, antiquities, National Archaeological Museum, Homer, Ptolemy, minotaur, Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations, Corinth
bulletMarch 21-22, 1998, Patras, Greece
Topics: tighanopsomo (food), Delphi, Apollo, oracle, equinox
bulletMarch 30, 1998, Konitsa, Greece
Topics: Bekri meze (food), schoolchildren, Greek playground games, parasailing
bulletApril 1, 1998, Tirana, Albania
Topics: sanduic (food), HISTORY, Illyria, Danube, Emperor Diocletian, Ottoman Empire, World War I, Skanderbeg, AEDP, school life
bulletApril 5, 1998, Bari, Italy
Topics: Adriatic Sea, seas, fishing, currency, border crossing
bulletApril 11, 1998, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Topics: architecture, history, Venice, Ottomans, Napoleon
bulletApril 16, 1998, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Topics: HISTORY, downtown Sarajevo, Barcelona-Srajevo A.D.L. Club, Franz Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip, WWI, Sarajevo sights
bulletApril 21-22, 1998, Zadar, Croatia
Topics: prs(h)ut (food), Katja, CARNet, Trogir, wind, chat 'n' debate, private accommodation, cycling
bulletApril 30-May 1, 1998, Trieste, Italy
Topics: History, Trieste, FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta), chat 'n' debate, Miramare Castle, Austrian Empire, Carducci School, Lanza family, Italian unification
bulletMay 6-7, 1998, Rimini, Italy
Topics: Parco del Delta, environment, Basilica di San Vitale, Emperor Flavius Honorius, Ravenna, Ostrogoths, history, Dante
bulletMay 13, 1998, Napoli (Naples), Italy
Topics: granita (food), Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius
bulletMay 20, 1998, Roma (Rome), Italy
Topics: capelletti (food), bicycle advocacy, Vatican Museum, history, art, Emperor Constantine, Roman Empire, Christianity, Etruscans, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Lateran Treaty, Vatican City (Holy See)
bulletMay 25, 1998, Pisa, Italy
Topics: pane Toscano (food), Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti, Campo dei Miracoli (Leaning Tower of Pisa)
bulletMay 31 - June 1, 1998, Valbonne, France
Topics: tapenade (food), Monaco, Grimaldi family, French Riviera, more rain, Menton, Côte d'Azur, Monaco, Cannes
bulletJune 6-7, 1998, Aigues-Mortes, France
Topics: pierrade (food), wildlife, environment, Crusades, Arles, Roman Empire, Rhône

Anthony Corinne andrEa Ethan Padraic
Anthony Corinne andrEa Ethan Padraic

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