Padraic's Packing List
as of October 7, 1997

picture of Padraic
Personal Clothes
bullet2 t-shirts
bullet2 knit shirts
bullet2 pairs of shorts
bullet1 pair of pants
bullet1 fleece shirt
bullet1 rain jacket
bullet4 pair of underwear
bullet1 hat
bullet1 pair tennis shoes

Cycling Clothes
bullet3 bicycle jerseys
bullet1 bicycling under-jersey
bullet3 pair of bicycling shorts
bullet1 pair of bicycling tights
bullet1 pair bike gloves
bullet2 pair of cycling socks
bullet1 pair cycling shoes

Personal Stuff
bulletBusiness cards
bullet1 book (Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope)
bulletAddress book
bulletCredit cards and Identification
bulletPrescription sunglasses
bulletServas membership sheet
Toothbrush, toothpaste, & floss
4 small bars of soap (extra bars keep clothes smelling fresh)
Razor and extra blades
Shaving cream
bullet1 towel

Bike Stuff
bullet1 Helmet
bullet1 Tire pump
bullet2 water bottles
bullet1 Kryptonite U-Lock
bullet3 rags
bullet1 bungee cord
bulletTool Kit:
1 spoke wrench
1 chain tool
1 Gerber Cool tool
1 Gerber Multi-tool
1 Leatherman micra-tool
1 Spare nuts and bolts
bullet1 roll electrical tape
bulletextra spokes
bullet1 Chainring (32 tooth)
bullet1 crankarm (left side)
bulletspare B.O.B. pivot bolt
bullet1 spare tire
bullet2 spare tubes
bullet1 folding tire
bullet2 puncture repair kits
bullet3 tire irons
bulletspare cables

BikeAbout Stuff
bulletVarious papers
bulletCasio digital camera
bulletCasio digital camera software and manuals

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