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Photos from Ea's Exhibition in Slovenia

On April 28, 1998, the galerija Alkatraz in Ljubljana, Slovenia, held an exhibition of works by andrEa Siegl. The exhibition featured photographs taken during her participation in BikeAbout--the Mediterranean. The fotos on this page were taken by Frenk Fidler. They include pictures of Ea's work as well as some photos of works by sculptor Borut Korosec. Captions by andrEa Siegl.

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thumbnail the evening-happenings were transmitted live by radio student. corinne took official active part in the evening (hvala lepa lepa!) making interviews with visitors. here she is getting some word-donations of ethan, standing next to matija (the guy who is BA-link to - the slovenian ISP who gave the account 4free). [JPG, 57KB]
thumbnail light installation of borut, plexiglass lightsource saying >april<, lying on metal-beam
[JPG, 22KB]
thumbnail table installation various objects by borut, foto by ea a byzantine lion in coptic cairo
[JPG, 59KB]
thumbnail the small room of the gallery, padraic examining hope-corner: 2 german poems hanging on the wall
[JPG, 22KB]
thumbnail my fotos not hung but leaning, being movable according to will and interest of visitors. between carelessness and caressing.
[JPG, 25KB]
thumbnail 2 amazing toys: glassobjects by borut
[JPG, 27KB]
thumbnail a niche in a room, "pray in here!" wood by borut, foto by me
[JPG, 31KB]
thumbnail >IJ BRUNSWICK< written on bowling ball by borut, its heavy, rolling. infront of foto by me: brunswick, we are not on vacation
[JPG, 49KB]
thumbnail the big room of the gallery, visitors, opening
[JPG, 44KB]
thumbnail the small room of the gallery, the big window, the window sill filled with 3 BA-laptops switched on offline giving their website, no help-comment from Bikeabouters towards visitors allowed, visitors have to handle the high tech without guideline, high tech what for [JPG, 35KB]

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