Our Mediterranean Itinerary:

From September 1997 to June 1998, a team of cyclists circled the Mediterranean, visiting cultural sites and schools, meeting local people, and writing reports of their visits. In March, the team continued its journey through Turkey in two groups, eventually rejoining in Istanbul. They then traveled to Greece and Albania. Click on a date to view the complete report submitted for that day. The towns and cities the team visited and a brief list of key topics covered in the report are shown for each date. Dates are listed in the form MM/DD/YY.

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TURKEY BikeAbout GalleryAbout TurkeyMap of Turkish Coast

03/02/98Istanbul Topkapi Palace, Ottoman Empire, Constantinople, history, Mehmet The Conqueror, daily life
03/04/98Istanbul karishik komposto (food), tears, injustice, Cistern, Hippodrome, symbolism in religious arts

GREECE BikeAbout GalleryAbout GreeceMap of Greek Coast

03/05/98ThessalonikiWorld Heritage Sitemedia, antiquities, King Philip II of Macedon, history, alphabet
03/07/98Mount AthosWorld Heritage Site
Mount Olympus
Vale of Tempe
salanaki (food), sports, Mount Athos (Agios Oros), Greek Orthodox monasteries, salt and bikes, travel, mythology
frappé (food of the day), Pericles, Sparta, Athens, History, olives, media
03/11/98Athenskaltsounia (food), intricacies of the Greek language, velodrome, "Greek" vs. "Hellenic", Crete, "kafeneio", AEGEE, Erasmus, cultural exchange
AcropolisWorld Heritage Site
tzatziki (food), Greek restaurants, Katerina (Person of the Day), Acropolis/Parthenon, HISTORY, "No Limits World," a quick tour of Athens, Greek-Turkish relations
03/15/98Athenstiropitakia (food), museum for the blind, village life, Internet, antiquities, National Archaeological Museum, Homer, Ptolemy, minotaur, Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations, Corinth
Epidaurus, amphitheater architecture, South Eastern Mediterranean Sea Project UNESCO, Corinth Canal, Nero, school visits, environment, Asclepius
03/18/98LangadiaNafplio, Venetian Fortresses, biking in snow, Arcadia region, Tripoli, Pan the god of good times, peaceful mountains
03/20/98OlympiaWorld Heritage Sitesouvlaki (food), Olympic Games, Wonders of the Ancient World, the Greek gods
DelphiWorld Heritage Site
tighanopsomo (food), Delphi, Apollo, oracle, equinox
03/23/98Ioanninaloukoumi (food), Independence Day, Ioannina, HISTORY, Ottoman Empire, transportation, bicycle race, daily life, Perama Cave
03/26/98KonitsaIoannina High School, wax museum, George Tselikas (Person of the Day), dangerously strong winds, Konitsa at night
03/27/98Konitsagrilled meat (food), the Town Hall and Mayor of Konitsa, earthquakes, school presentations
03/28/98Konitsaprovatina (food), kayaking, hiking, Vikos-Aoös National Park, nightlife
03/29/98Konitsafresh stewed green beans (food), parasailing, lift, thermals, the Sky
03/30/98KonitsaBekri meze (food), schoolchildren, Greek playground games, parasailing

ALBANIA BikeAbout GalleryAbout AlbaniaMap of Albanian Coast

03/31/98Tiranabus ride through Albania, border crossing, "pillbox" bunkers, first impressions of Albania, History (modern)
Albania Itinerary Continues in April

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