Our Mediterranean Itinerary:

From September 1997 to June 1998, a team of cyclists circled the Mediterranean, visiting cultural sites and schools, meeting local people, and writing reports of their visits. In February, the team continued to travel in smaller groups to visit Cyprus (Corinne and andrEa), Lebanon (Ethan and Padraic), Syria (Anthony), Rhodes (Corinne and andrEa), and Turkey. Click on a date to view the complete report submitted for that day. The towns and cities the team visited and a brief list of key topics covered in the report are shown for each date. Dates are listed in the form MM/DD/YY.

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CYPRUSBikeAbout GalleryAbout Cyprus, LEBANON BikeAbout GalleryAbout LebanonMap of Lebanese Coast, SYRIA BikeAbout GalleryAbout SyriaMap of Syrian Coast, GREECE BikeAbout GalleryAbout GreeceMap of Greek Coast

The riders split into smaller groups due to travel restrictions and in order to cover more of the region. They reunited in Turkey before continuing on to Greece. For this section of the trip:

  • Corinne and andrEa traveled from Israel to Cyprus to Rhodes (Greece) and then to Turkey.
  • Anthony traveled inland from Israel to Jordan to Syria and then to Turkey.
  • Padraic and Ethan traveled from Israel to Jordan to Lebanon and then to Turkey, where they joined Anthony.

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02/02/98BeirutLEBANON (Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic): coffee (food), Internet access, border crossing, terrain, Libyan weddings, reconstruction, civil war, social life
02/02/98PaphosCYPRUS (Corinne & andrEa): wildlife, Mediterranean Sea, ferry travel, Greek mythology, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
02/04/98ByblosWorld Heritage SiteLEBANON (Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic): Phoenicians, papyrus, Alexander the Great, Byzantines, Crusaders, alphabets, bike safety
02/05/98Tripoli (Trablous)map iconLEBANON (Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic)
02/05/98RhodesWorld Heritage SiteWorld Heritage CityGREECE (Corinne & andrEa): wildlife, Mediterranean Sea, ferry travel, Greek mythology, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
02/07/98Tartousmap iconSYRIA (Anthony): border crossing, nutrition, Hafez al-Assad, Middle East wars, history
[additional report from Beirut, Lebanon]
02/09/98Al-ladhiqiyamap iconSYRIA (Anthony): bartoush (food), Norias of Hama, Crac des Chevaliers, health, Muslim Brotherhood, Phoenicians, agriculture, daily life
[additional report from Beirut, Lebanon]
Greece Itinerary Continues in March

TURKEY BikeAbout GalleryAbout TurkeyMap of Turkish Coast

02/11/98Adanamap icon(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) köfte (food), Ugarit (Syria), border crossing, Iskenderun, travel
02/12/98Muglamap icon(Corinne & andrEa) mountain, youth hostels, exhaustion, forever sunsets
02/13/98Adana(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Adana kebab (food), Antioch, Saint Peter
(Corinne & andrEa) pine honey (food), St. Peter's Castle & Museum, potholes on the uphill
02/15/98Silifkemap icon(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Adana, Mersin, Korykos, Kizkalesi, Silifke, traffic, HISTORY, Crusades, castles
02/16/98Selçuk(Corinne & andrEa) ruins ruins everywhere, the Oracle, apple tea (food), the effects of war on tourism
02/17/98Ephesusmap icon
(Corinne & andrEa) the Temple of Artemis, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, bad coffee, HISTORY, Gülden Güllü (Person of the Day)
02/18/98Alanyamap icon(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Börek (food), Atatürk, HISTORY, Ottoman Empire, Alanya, history of the bicycle
02/20/98Izmirmap icon(Corinne & andrEa) school presentations, press interviews, live chat madness, email Turkish students!
02/20/98Antalyamap icon(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Iskender kebab (food), Coast of Golden Sand, tourist over-development, the Greek gods, international artifact theft, Side, Antalya, HISTORY
02/22/98Kas(h)map icon
(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Turkish ravioli (food), St. Nicholas, Diocletian, Lycia, Myra, history, Chimera, Mount Olympos, scenery
02/23/98Çanakkalemap icon(Corinne & andrEa) Asclepion, Pergamum Acropolis, Troy, cheap transportation
02/23/98Fethiyemap icon
Xanthos-LetoonWorld Heritage Site
(Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic) Xanthos, Lycian League, Alexander the Great, history, bicycling
02/25/98Galipolimap icon
IstanbulWorld Heritage SiteWorld Heritage City
(Corinne & andrEa) mountain cheese, Gallipoli, Dardanelles Strait, being hidden in the back room of a restaurant
02/26/98Istanbulmap icon (whole group is now together again) geography, Constantine the Great, HISTORY, Constantinople/Istanbul
02/28/98Istanbul Minisa kebab (food), Byzantine Empire, Hagia Sofia/Aya Sofia/Sancta Sophia/Church of the Holy Wisdom, Justinian, daily life, Mosque of Sultan Ahmet/Blue Mosque, Ottoman Empire
Turkey Itinerary Continues in March

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