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At 6:00 PM
March 14, 1998

Sunrise (local): 6:40 a.m.
Sunset (local): 6:30 p.m.
60°F partly cloudy
Traveled Since Last Dispatch
6 mi / 10 km

Cumulative Total
3147 mi / 5068 km
Lat: 37° 58' 12" N
Lon: 23° 43' 53" E
Elev: 266 ft / 81 m

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Athens (Athens, in Greek)
Where We're Staying: Ethan and Padraic are at the Mourla family home, while Corinne and Anthony are with Haris and Michalis
Places We Visited: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Acropolis, Athens neighborhoods (Monastraki, Plaka, Anafiotika)
Featured Site: Acropolis visit the World Heritage Site page click to view a photograph
Person of the Day: Katerina Mourla click to view a photograph
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: tzatziki
Breakfast: bread and honey
Lunch: Greek salad, pork chops and french fries
Dinner: soup, chopped roast chicken breast with lots of rice, bread
Olive count: 1868
Word of the Day: "Efharisto" (Efharisto, in Greek) click to hear an audio clip means "thank you" in Greek.
Tech Fact of the Day: Just as it was in Turkey, restaurants are not always the best place to eat. More formal in their set-up and service and often with established menus, restaurants are usually a more expensive option for a meal. On the other hand, tavernas are an excellent cheaper choice. Once a place where only wines and other light barrel-fermented alcohols were sold, they are now usually more traditional eating establishments, with wooden tables and chairs and handwritten chalkboard menus (if that); tavernas offer a less touristy environment (especially in less touristy places) at which good solid food can be had at a reasonable price. There are also excellent ouzeria which serve the famous Greek alcohol called ouzo accompanied by small plates of snack foods or mezedes (side dishes); galaktopleia which sell milk products (milk, butter, yogurt, rice pudding, custard, eggs, honey, bread) and are excellent breakfast venues; zaharoplasteia which have cakes, pastries, chocolate and coffee/tea, and, of course, kafeneio.
Flat Count (Cumulative): 21
Broken Spoke Count (Cumulative): 27
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