Our Mediterranean Itinerary:

From September 1997 to June 1998, a team of cyclists circled the Mediterranean, visiting cultural sites and schools, meeting local people, and writing reports of their visits. In May, the team visited Italy and Monaco. Click on a date to view the complete report submitted for that day. The towns and cities the team visited and a brief list of key topics covered in the report are shown for each date. Dates are listed in the form MM/DD/YY.

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ITALY BikeAbout GalleryAbout ItalyMap of Italian Coast

05/01/98TriesteHistory, Trieste, FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta), chat 'n' debate, Miramare Castle, Austrian Empire, Carducci School, Lanza family, Italian unification
05/02/98San Giorgino di NogaraAquileia, Attila the Hun, tourism, history, Roman Empire, antiquities, mosaics
05/03/98VeneziaWorld Heritage SiteWorld Heritage Citytiramisu (food), Venezia, Piazza and Basilica San Marco (St. Mark Square and Basilica), the Venezia boat system (vaporetti), Marco Polo
05/05/98Ferraracappelacci di zucca (food), FIAB, Cities for Cyclists, history, Este family, bike advocacy, bikes and boats
05/06/98RavennaWorld Heritage Site
Parco del Delta, environment, Basilica di San Vitale, Emperor Flavius Honorius, Ravenna, Ostrogoths, history, Dante
05/08/98Anconapeperoncino (food), Republic of San Marino, Emperor Trajan, history, percent grade
polpette (food), modern family life, Marche Region, Ancona's port, a very long bike day
delicioso limone (food), Amalfi Coast, compass, Roman gods, Mount Vesuvius
05/13/98Napoli (Naples)World Heritage SiteWorld Heritage Citygranita (food), Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius
05/15/98Napolipizza margherita (food), Napoli by bike, subterranean Napoli, Certosa di San Martino and San Martino Museum
Roma (Rome)World Heritage SiteWorld Heritage City
focaccia (food), bikes on trains in Italy, rain, Appian Way, the road to Roma
05/18/98Romapasta (food), Roma, hills of Roma, HISTORY, Order of the Knights of Malta
HOLY SEE (Vatican)World Heritage SiteWorld Heritage City
capelletti (food), bicycle advocacy, Vatican Museum, history, art, Emperor Constantine, Roman Empire, Christianity, Etruscans, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Lateran Treaty, Vatican City (Holy See)
HOLY SEE (Vatican)
spaghetti matriciana (food), Saint Peter's Square and Basilica, the Spanish Steps of Roma, HISTORY, Christianity, the papacy
PisaWorld Heritage Site
Tuscany, University student life in Pisa, Bicincittà (Pisa and Roma), reducing traffic to maintain ruins
05/25/98Pisapane Toscano (food), Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti, Campo dei Miracoli (Leaning Tower of Pisa)
05/27/98Manarova (Cinque Terre)
risotto (food), Cinque Terre, topography, Napolean, bicycle safety, being tourists
05/28/98Genovapesto (food), Meucci Technical High School visit, Italian telecommunication monopoly, life in Genova, more rain
05/30/98San RemoChristopher Columbus, French and Italian Riviera, Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prizes

MONACO BikeAbout GalleryAbout MonacoMap of French Coast (includes Monaco)

05/31/98Monte-Carlotapenade (food), Monaco, Grimaldi family, French Riviera, more rain

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