Our Mediterranean Itinerary:

From September 1997 to June 1998, a team of cyclists circled the Mediterranean, visiting cultural sites and schools, meeting local people, and writing reports of their visits. In January, the team visited Jerusalem and Israel, then split into smaller teams to visit Cyprus (Corinne and andrEa), Jordan (Anthony, Padraic, and Ethan), Lebanon (Ethan and Padraic), and Syria (Anthony). Click on a date to view the complete report submitted for that day. The towns and cities the team visited and a brief list of key topics covered in the report are shown for each date. Dates are listed in the form MM/DD/YY.

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JERUSALEM BikeAbout GalleryMap of Jerusalem

01/12/98Jerusalemmap icon fat (food), battlefields from 1947-48 War for Independence, group reunification, rare Israeli snow storm, geography
01/13/98Jerusalem humus (food), Temple Mount, Mount Moriah, Dome of the Rock, Herod, Jerusalem, HISTORY, Crusades, Hadrian, Alexander the Great, Ottoman Empire, Diaspora
01/14/98Jerusalem labaneh (food), Benny and Esther van Vlymen (People of the Day), Jerusalem by ofnayim/bike, Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), Cinematheque, metal monies and symbols
01/15/98Jerusalem education/arts, Arab/Israeli exchange, social change organizations, "Healing the World"

ISRAEL BikeAbout GalleryAbout IsraelMap of Israeli Coast

01/17/98Tel Aviv-Yafomap iconpomelo (food), shabbat, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, HISTORY, Jerusalem for Bikes, Tel Aviv for Bikers, Challenge Ride
01/18/98Tel Aviv-Yafobagel (food), military history, military service, bicycle advocacy, Diaspora
01/19/98Givat Haviva
(near Hadera)map icon
Green Line, cornflakes (food), Givat Haviva, equality and understanding
01/20/98Haifamap iconbamba (food), friendship, peaceful coexistence, Caesarea Roman Amphitheater & Crusader City
01/22/98Haifakebabs (food), 'Akko (Acre), Ptolomy, Crusades, History, "making Aliya", Mt. Carmel, Baha'ism

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CYPRUSBikeAbout GalleryAbout Cyprus, LEBANON BikeAbout GalleryAbout LebanonMap of Lebanese Coast, JORDANBikeAbout GalleryAbout Jordan, SYRIA BikeAbout GalleryAbout SyriaMap of Syrian Coast

The riders split into smaller groups due to travel restrictions and in order to cover more of the region. They reunited in Turkey before continuing on to Greece. For this section of the trip:

  • Corinne and andrEa traveled from Israel to Cyprus to Rhodes (Greece) and then to Turkey.
  • Anthony traveled inland from Israel to Jordan to Syria and then to Turkey.
  • Padraic and Ethan traveled from Israel to Jordan to Lebanon and then to Turkey, where they joined Anthony.

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01/24/98Limassol (Lesmosos)CYPRUS (Corinne & andrEa): car accident, pain, frustration
01/24/98IrbidJORDAN (Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic): border crossing, Dead Sea, Jordan River Valley, Jericho
Nicosia (Lefkosia)CYPRUS (Corinne & andrEa): politics, Amnesty International, Greek vocabulary
01/25/98IrbidJORDAN (Anthony, Ethan, & Padraic): Amman, visas, the Palestinian Question, King Hussein, HISTORY, Beirut (Lebanon) first impressions
01/28/98Beirutmap iconLEBANON (Ethan & Padraic): Amman (Jordan), visas, Irbid (Jordan), the Palestinian Question, King Hussein, HISTORY, Beirut first impressions
01/28/98BosraSYRIA (Anthony): border crossing, Arthur James Balfour, Crusades, citadel, amphitheatre
01/29/98BeirutLEBANON (Ethan, & Padraic): Leila Mouammar (Person of the Day), Beirut (reconstruction, Hamra), Civil War, war, HISTORY, Eid el-Futr party
01/29/98PaphosWorld Heritage SiteCYPRUS (Corinne & andrEa): wildlife, bike safety, diving
01/31/98BeirutLEBANON (Ethan, & Padraic): mana-eesh (food), social life, Lebanese civil war, Palestinian refugees, history, recreation
01/31/98DamascusSYRIA (Anthony): Ramadan, Omayyids, Islam, souqs, daily life, alphabets, Turkish bath
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