Ethan's Packing List
as of October 7, 1997

picture of Ethan
Personal Clothes
bullet3 t-shirts
bullet1 overshirt
bullet1 short-sleeve dress shirt
bullet1 long-sleeve dress shirt
bullet1 pair long street shorts
bullet1 pair jeans
bullet1 pair "dress" pants
bullet4 pair of underwear
bullet4 pair socks
bullet1 pair of sandals
bullet1 pair of "dress" shoes
bullet1 baseball hat
bullet1 tie

Cycling Clothes
bullet3 bike jerseys
bullet2 pair tight bike shorts
bullet1 pair baggy bike shorts
bullet1 windbreaker jacket
bullet1 pair of windbreaker leggings
bullet1 rain cape
bullet1 pair of cycling shoes
bulletbike gloves

Personal Stuff
bullet1 sleep sheet sack
bullet1 towel
bullet2 pair sunglasses (Briko and clip-on)
bullet1 extra pair of glasses
toothpaste, toothbrush, floss
shaving cream and razors
bulleta camping fork/knife/spoon
bulletLeatherman SuperTool
bulletalarm clock
bulletmoney belt
bulletnote pad, pens, markers
bulletexpanding folder for notes and receipts
bulletfamily photos
bulletbusiness cards
bulletcredit cards & ID
bulletpassport/money belt
bulletaddress & phone number lists
bulletinsect repellant
bulletmini sewing kit

Bike Stuff
bullet2 water bottles
bullet1 helmet
bullet1 tire pump
bullet1 bike lock
bullettool kit:
Gerber CoolTool
Gerber MultiTool
spare inner tube
tube patch kit
tire irons
Allen wrenches
2 Y-wrenches
spoke wrench
mini locking pliers
freewheel remover
extra nuts and bolts
bulletspare spokes and extra rear quick-release axle
bulletbike pannier carrying handles
bullet2 bungee cords

BikeAbout Stuff
bulletlots of BikeAbout written information & posters
bulletLonely Planet books (we trade off)
bulletCasio digital still camera and cables
bulletNogatech ConferenceCard and cables
bullet3-pack of Iomega Zip cartridges
bulletgallon-sized plastic zipper bags
bulletcomputer power pack, cables & cords

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