Anthony's Packing List
as of October 7, 1997

picture of Anthony
Personal Clothes
bullet4 shirts
bullet1 t-shirt
bullet2 pair pants
bullet1 pair of shorts
bullet4 pair underwear
bullet3 pair socks
bullet1 jacket
bullet1 belt
bullet1 pair swim shorts
bullet1 pair sandals
bullet1 pair of shoes

Cycling Clothes
bullet3 pair bike shorts
bullet2 cycling jerseys
bullet2 pair bike socks
bullet1 pair bike shoes
bulletarm warmers
bulletleg warmers
bulletrain jacket

Personal Stuff
bulletshaving kit
bulletspare contacts/contact solution
bulletrazor, spare blades, shaving soap
bulletpain pills and multivitamins
bulletsunblock SPF 30
bulletFrench Dictionary
bulletSpanish Dictionary
bulletVoyage au Centre de la Terre (Jules Verne)
bulletEl Principito (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
bulletLa Méditerranée (Fernand Braudel)
bulletIvanhoe (Sir Walter Scott)
bulletSpanish/French Verb Conjugation Books
bulletphoto ID
bulletpen & pencil

Bike Stuff
bullet1 helmet
bullet1 compass
bullet1 flashlight
bulletelectrical tape
bulletassorted zip ties
bulletTool Kit:
8, 9, 10 mm box-end wrenches
headset wrench
1, 2, 3 mm Allen wrenches
cassette lock ring remover
3 tire irons wrapped in Duct tape
2 brake cables
1 shifter cable
1 bottle chain lubricant
various bolts, nuts-small bike parts
Gerber CoolTool
Leatherman SuperTool & Micro-Tool
1 spare tube

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