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Official Name: State of Israel (Medinat Yisra'el)

Location: Israel is located in the Middle East (above the 30th parallel, North). It is bordered on the west by the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt. It touches Lebanon to the north and Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to the east.

Land Area: 20,330 sq km (7,847 sq mi), excluding the disputed territories of Gaza and the West Bank.

Coast: 273 km (170 mi) of Mediterranean coast.

Climate: Israel has a Mediterranean climate in the north, with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Southern Israel is arid. Temperatures average from 18° to 32°C (65° to 90°F) in the summer and 14°C (57°F) along the coast in the winter.

Population: Over 5½ million inhabitants, of which 28% are younger than 15, and 63% are between 15 and 64 years old.

Language: Hebrew is the official language of Israel, but English is also widely spoken, and an increasing number of inhabitants speak Russian. Arabic is used officially for the Arab minority.

Religion: The majority of Israel's inhabitants are Jewish, but there are Muslim (mostly Sunni), Christian, and other minority religions.

Government: Israel is a parliamentary democracy. The Executive Branch consists of the president, prime minister, and cabinet. The Legislative Branch consists of the 120-member popularly elected Knesset (parliament). The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court. The president is elected by the Knesset; the prime minister is elected by popular vote. The cabinet is chosen by the prime minister (traditionally from the Knesset membership) and is approved by the Knesset. The Israeli chief of state is the president. His duties are primarily ceremonial.

Executive (President, Prime Minister, or King): Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Capital: Jerusalem

Flag: Israeli flag

Currency: The Israeli currency is the new Israeli shekel (NIS), which is divided into 100 new agorot. The exchange rate was approximately 3.6 new Israeli shekels (NIS) for every $1 in February of 1998, shortly after BikeAbout's visit to Israel.
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Resources and Industry: Israel's industries include food processing, diamond cutting and polishing (Israel produces about 80 percent of small polished diamonds!), textiles and clothing, chemicals, metal products, military equipment, transport equipment, electrical equipment, potash mining, high-technology electronics and tourism. Israel's major trading partners are the US, Japan, and the countries of the European Union. Israel is able to provide most of its food from domestic production, despite harsh growing conditions in most of the country.

Transport: 15,965 km (9,914 mi) of road; 610 km (379 mi) of train tracks.

Electric Current: 220 volts.

Time Zone: GMT +2 hours

Sources: CIA World Factbook 2000, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lonely Planet

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Reports from Leon Gork:
A series of reports written by Leon Gork, a tour guide who writes about places he has visited. Leon was very helpful to the BikeAbout team while they were in Israel, and has graciously allowed us to make his work available to you on the BikeAbout site.
Yad Vashem (The Holocaust Memorial) -- December 11, 1997
Capernaum -- December 22, 1997
The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem -- January 5, 1998
Jaffa (Joppa) -- January 29, 1998
The Menorah -- March 20, 1998
Caesarea -- March 29, 1998
Caesarea -- April 12, 1998
Megiddo -- April 21, 1998
The Jordan River -- April 25, 1998
Mea Shearim -- May 4, 1998
Bet Shean -- May 24, 1998
The Broad Wall
Rosh Hashanah 5759 -- September 20, 1998
Bethlehem [on Leon's Web site]
Jerusalem [on Leon's Web site]
Dead Sea [on Leon's Web site]

Catalog of educational resources on the Web [in Hebrew].
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Tel Aviv Biker's Association

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