Our Mediterranean Itinerary:

From September 1997 to June 1998, a team of cyclists circled the Mediterranean, visiting cultural sites and schools, meeting local people, and writing reports of their visits. In December, the team visited Egypt, Palestine, and Israel. Click on a date to view the complete report submitted for that day. The towns and cities the team visited and a brief list of key topics covered in the report are shown for each date. Dates are listed in the form MM/DD/YY.

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EGYPT BikeAbout GalleryAbout EgyptMap of Egyptian Coast

12/1/97ZagazigNile River, taxis, train travel, rules of the road, environment
Suez Canal map icon
Nile River, taxis, train travel, rules of the road, environment
12/4/97Qantara map iconbalille (food), Egyptian police, Suez Canal, HISTORY, Ismailia
Sinai Peninsula map icon
Sinai Peninsula, Suez Canal, HISTORY, environment, "bonking" (bike term)

PALESTINE BikeAbout GalleryAbout Palestine

12/7/97Gaza map iconIntifada, security checkpoints, border crossing, leaving Egypt, environment, vegetation
12/8/97Gazacultural exchange
12/9/97Gazamaftoul (food), Khan Younis, Intifada, HISTORY, PLO, cultural events, women in society, environment, family life
12/10/97Gazamalfoof (food), Yassir Arafat, HISTORY (Gaza), Alexander the Great, rules of the road, refugee camps, environment, Palestinian daily life
12/11/97Gazaopportunity for cultural exchange; Mediterranean beach; environment, refugee camps, Intifada, Palestinian daily life

ISRAEL BikeAbout GalleryAbout IsraelMap of Israeli Coast

12/12/97Ashqelon map iconchallah (food), Sabbath, ancient Ashqelon, Philistine city-states, Crusades, exchange rates, security checkpoints, vegetation, environmentalism

PALESTINE BikeAbout GalleryAbout Palestine

12/13/97Hebron, West Bank map iconzatar (food), Palestinian activism, West Bank, administrative detainees, Israeli settlements, HISTORY, Oslo Peace Accords, Israeli/Palestinian conflict
12/15/97Beit Sahour, West Bank map icon
Arabic greetings, security checkpoints, Shepherd's Field, religious sites, Israeli/Palestinian conflict
Israel Itinerary Continues in January

The riders paused in Jerusalem World Heritage Site World Heritage City to take a break until mid-January.

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