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Rosh Hashanah 5759

Sunday 20/9/98 Preparations for this day begin one month before, on the 1st of Ellul, by blowing the Shofar (the ram's horn) every morning during prayer services. Strictly speaking, however, mankind is in a constant state of preparation.

From one year to the next we should live out our lives in the thought that our actions are noted by G-d. On Rosh Hashanah G-d will remember our actions and judge us according to whether they were good or bad. Many people make the mistake of thinking that we only need to be careful of our actions on this day. That isn't correct. G-d remembers all days from the beginning of Creation. He will remember those actions for all eternity.

Maybe a good action won't be rewarded in the coming year, G-d might be saving the reward for another year. We don't know which action will be rewarded this year, or, G-d forbid, which action will be punished this year. G-d has eternal memory. Mankind must believe in G-d's eternal memory and trust that one day good actions will be rewarded and bad actions will be punished. This believe is vitally important to us. We rejoice in this belief. Rosh Hashanah is the day to express our happiness in this wonderful belief. Our rejoicing takes 2 forms:

  1. We recite verses from the Bible which tell us that G-d is king.
  2. We blow the ram's horn.

It's a custom to wish one another "Leshanah Tova Tikateivu" (May you be inscribed for a good year. May G-d look at your actions of the past year and may He reward them in the coming year and not delay that reward for other years. As far as "other actions" are concerned. May G-d realize that we are only mortal, nobody is perfect, only G-d is perfect. May G-d forgive us and cancel out all punishment. G-d is our father, He loves us, and we rejoice in His forgiveness. Thank You G-d.

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