Note from the BikeAbout team: In April 1998, we were barred from being able to cross the border between Albania and Montenegrin Yugoslavia as a result of increasing tensions between an ethnic Albanian majority in the Kosovo (or Kosova in Albanian) region of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav authorities.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to experience a little bit of what we missed. Friends who were prepared to help us during our originally scheduled time along the Montenegrin coast have agreed to provide us with a vision of life in Yugoslavia.

In the following dispatch, written during the late summer, Biljana Ackovski Petrovic, now living in Munich but once a resident of the city of Belgrade, capitol of Serbia, who recently returned during the summer months, responds to a request for a look at a typical day in Yugoslavia.

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Yugoslavia (Montenegro)

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Belgrade
Where We're Staying: an old building in the center of town
Featured Site: Barutana, Kalemegdan, Wonder Bar
Person of the Day: Zika (pronounced Zhika) the taxi driver
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: stuffed trout
Breakfast: croissants and yogurt
Lunch: stuffed trout in wine sauce, boiled potatoes and beet with olive oil and finely chopped garlic
Dinner: srpska salata, or Serbian (Greek) salad
Word of the Day: Dodji na kafu! ("Come over for coffee!")
Tech Fact of the Day: The Deutsch (German) mark is the currency that everyone uses. It can be exchanged and used for payment everywhere in Yugoslavia.
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