What Is BikeAbout?

BikeAbout promotes peace and cooperative understanding through bicycling and the increased use of technology in education. BikeAbout encourages the formation of lasting and self-supporting international networks of individuals, schools, clubs, and public and private organizations united through the Internet and existing off-line resources.

Traveling by bicycle about a chosen region, BikeAbout riders make a series of programmed visits to schools, clubs, and private or public organizations. At each stop, they demonstrate computer and Internet technology, and collect and disseminate knowledge and contacts.

BikeAbout believes in:

BikeAbout aims to:

  • help build and strengthen regional networks in the interest of peace and international understanding
  • spread awareness of computers and the Internet as powerful curricular, research and communication tools through educational, information-gathering and -spreading trips that can provide a service to teachers, students, and professionals around the world
  • promote health and safety in sport.

BikeAbout is the brain-child of an international group of scholars and professionals who do the foot- and pedal-work required for teaching, learning about and uniting diverse peoples and creating lasting networks based on real relationships.

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