How Does BikeAbout Work?

BikeAbout makes safe cycling, learning with technology, regional networking and international exchange part of a real life of exciting adventure.

Cooperative Regionalism and International Exchange

BikeAbout approaches regions as inseparable wholes and fosters contact within and among them by emphasizing regional geographic coherence and cultural commonalities.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean transcends traditional divisions and antagonisms, and demonstrates that this smallest big part of the world can be approached as a single entity.
BikeAbout generates local interest in the benevolent themes of regional and collaborating organizations in places where publicity and local representation are often lacking.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean visits and works with established Mediterranean regional groups and programs endeavoring to identify and preserve a Mediterranean heritage:
BikeAbout brings diverse peoples together and helps create a spirit of understanding through first-hand contact with BikeAbout riders and representatives, and computer links. BikeAbout is a proud signatory member of the Alliance for a Responsible and United World (additional information available at
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean solicits names of students, teachers, and professionals from schools, universities and enterprises and help "Mediterraneans" to find one another, both in the context of its own work and that of the Alliance.

Technology and Education -- the Internet in the Classroom

BikeAbout provides a frontier-lifting and hands-on introduction to or improvement upon an understanding of the computer and the Internet as curricular, research and networking tools.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean has partnered with major international telecommunications technology developers and online providers as well as local Mediterranean Internet servers. Portable equipment from and online access through these companies allows for the display and demonstration of the advantages of network-centric computing. BikeAbout is proud to announce that a communications backbone involving Internet access providers from most Mediterranean countries is bringing the BikeAbout message to the world. (For a list of participating access providers, please consult our sponsor directory.)
BikeAbout makes it possible for anyone to accompany the voyagers: people around the world can follow BikeAbout trips through the BikeAbout home page and learn about and make new contacts in different regions.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean establishes computer links involving schools, cultural organizations and companies in the United States and around the Mediterranean. BikeAbout has arranged for 2-3 site visits per week and at least one in every country with the help of established organizations like UNESCO, its Clubs and Associated Schools Project, Interaid, the Alliance for a Responsible and United World, the International Society for Technology in Education, and the many online school communities and networks.
BikeAbout coordinates with schools and agencies and helps design an interdisciplinary approach to the study of an area.
  • To draw students and scholars into the region, BikeAbout-the Mediterranean cooperates with groups such as I*EARN and CCCNet and propose thought-provoking questions and games that require research, online and off, about Mediterranean countries, customs, languages, historical sites (which will be visited), etc.
BikeAbout riders and representatives act as intermediaries and correspondents--the eyes and ears--for people following the trip online.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean gathers and shares, via the Internet, up-to-date information that is useful to teachers, students, scholars and professionals. The riders
    • contribute to and update information on the BikeAbout home page through travel reports, historical/cultural data and statistics, video clips, photographs, recordings, maps, contact addresses, etc.
    • post weekly teacher and student profiles
    • respond directly to (and solicit local people eager to answer) email letters from pen-pals, or BikeAbout "international key-pals."

Environmentally Sound Adventure Travel, Physical Challenges and Safe Sport Practices

BikeAbout demonstrates the validity of international adventure travel in promotion of cross-cultural communication. BikeAbout encourages fair play and safety practices in sport (such as the use of helmets and proper signaling when cycling) through discussions and clinics, and by example.
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean emphasizes the importance of and follow the safety regulations established by the Snell Memorial Foundation and the WHO Helmet Initiative, both of which develop and maintain performance standards for helmets and encourage their use along with proper riding etiquette.
BikeAbout reinforces the growing acceptance and viability of cycling as a mode of long-distance international travel that has no negative impact on the environment.
  • BikeAbout works in tandem with international and regional development and environmental organizations,)
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean encourages cross-frontier dialogue and exchange rides, by coordinating with international cycling initiatives, such as the Great Millennium Peace Ride, and with local bike organizations and national bike federations, such as:
  • BikeAbout-the Mediterranean has also contacted manufacturers of bicycles, bike accessories, and adventure sports apparel and equipment, and provides a highly visible example of the reliability of their products.

On the road, at home and for everyone following by computer, BikeAbout sets standards and expands horizons by helping to satisfy children's (and adults'!) curiosity about the wonderful world beyond the classroom, the office, and the home.

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