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Dear Everyone,

WE ARE THERE! Yes, really. Although it is almost too good to be true, we have actually arrived.

After a long and tough day, at 8:15 p.m. last night, we crossed the border to Gibraltar and (can we really say it?) finished BikeAbout-the Mediterranean. Well, no, we didn't finish. We still have a full month of dispatches to write so that all the information is on the Web, and we still have a full year's worth of networking-building. But, well, the cycling is done. All 10,621 kilometers (6596 miles, with 48 flats, 34 broken spokes) and without any major hitches... other than the ongoing physical, mental, and organizational challenge of having to move ever forward.

By final count, we hit 24 more or less sovereign territories: Morocco, Tunisia, Malta, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Order of Malta, France, Monaco, Spain and Gibraltar. We regret having had to bypass Algeria, Libya, and Yugoslavia.

And the people we met? Thousands. Every one of them worth the full telling of his or her life. We are proud to have been able to provide brief looks into the lives they live and the places they call home.

So, this is a howdy and can-you-believe-it from us all. You will hear plenty more from us in the coming 10 days as we catch up to the present in our dispatch writing. (Our sincerest apologies for having fallen so far behind; the rigors of the last few weeks were just too great.)

But all in good time. Right now, we have promised ourselves a good time. Perhaps a bit of something typically British in this unusual English outpost on the southern tip of the Iberian peninsula (only 30 km/19 mi from Morocco!).

Again, thanks for writing and staying tuned.


Ethan, Anthony and Corinne

P.S. Click on the Scrapbook icon and to go to the Gibraltar gallery for links to pictures of us posing with "The Rock" as a backdrop.

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