"Fourteen Weeks" is a series of updates that Ethan Gelber and Jane Higgins wrote
as a means of staying in touch with friends and family as they traveled around the world in 2002 and 2003.

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First 14 Weeks (2002) — Part One: Introduction   |   Part Two: Australia   |   Part Three: Hong Kong   |   Part Four: Africa

Second 14 Weeks (2002) — Part One: Introduction, Ireland   |   Part Two: Europe and U.S.   |   Part Three: Europe   |   Part Four: North America

Third 14 Weeks (2002–2003) — Part One: Introduction, U.S.   |   Part Two: Mexico, Brazil   |   Part Three: U.S.   |   Part Four: U.S., Australia   |   Part Five: U.S.

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Nine weeks ago . . . , our next stop was Hong Kong, a forced Asian detour on the round-the-world ticket option we purchased. Which, in the end, wasn't a terrible thing. Never having been to Hong Kong, Jane and I were both curious. Plus, it was an opportunity for me to catch up with former colleague (and fabulous host), Bill (plus Lisa and newborn baby Bea) not seen in 15 years! Bill runs Hong Kong Dolphinwatch, an operation cruising the curious into Hong Kong harbor to scout out the area's famous pink dolphins, some of which we admired on our outing. The rest of our three days were spent exploring rugged Lantau Island, the impressive Hong Kong central area (a cool mix of Bangkok and New York), and a small piece of Kowloon. Our time was too short and we now know we need to go back for more. And the rest of mainland China too.

Bill of Hong Kong Dolphinwatch Some of Hong Kong's pink dolphins playing out in the bay Small buddha at Lantau Island's Po Lin Monastery Jane with Giant Buddha at Lantau Island's Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong Central (near ground) and Kowloon (across water) seen from Victoria Peak Incense swirls inside Man Mo Temple Hong Kong Central seen through the wet window of a ferry

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