"Fourteen Weeks" is a series of updates that Ethan Gelber and Jane Higgins wrote
as a means of staying in touch with friends and family as they traveled around the world in 2002 and 2003.

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First 14 Weeks (2002) — Part One: Introduction   |   Part Two: Australia   |   Part Three: Hong Kong   |   Part Four: Africa

Second 14 Weeks (2002) — Part One: Introduction, Ireland   |   Part Two: Europe and U.S.   |   Part Three: Europe   |   Part Four: North America

Third 14 Weeks (2002–2003) — Part One: Introduction, U.S.   |   Part Two: Mexico, Brazil   |   Part Three: U.S.   |   Part Four: U.S., Australia   |   Part Five: U.S.

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Two weeks ago, Jane honored an impossible promise and returned to New York just before New Year's Eve. After inevitable delays, she had somehow miraculously succeeded in tracing enough of a paper trail for the American authorities to issue (almost on the spot) the precious student visa that will make sharing time with Ethan in the same country possible. She left in a bit of a frustrated flurry having been given a leave-either-tomorrow-or-in-a-month airline option, but Ethan was unspeakably happy to have her back. And so New Years — an early day-before dinner with dear friends Jessica and Andreas; an eve start at Katherine and Brian's that included Jeff, Ira and Scott, Elysa, and others; and a countdown with Anthony and Angela, Michael and Liz (and their Noah) — actually felt like the random new beginning it sometimes is. The next day, Ethan and Jane packed their belongings and moved back in with ex-roommate Anthony, still lord and master of Ethan's once and again Bergen Street Brooklyn apartment. They also finally got to meet Eric and Jaclyn's new arrival, a well-wrapped, very welcome Noah!

Ethan and Jane on New Years Day

One week ago, Ethan scored his first freelance assignment (and only paycheck in months!) of the year. It was a glimmer of hope to flame his flagging drive. After weeks of silence, the job search continues to be fruitless and depressing. He did get one interview, but basically talked himself out of a job that he felt (and foolishly explained) would make him restless. At least he was being honest, right? At least his Lonely Planet Cycling Italy will finally hit the shelves this summer.

Twenty-four hours ago, it snowed. Again. But enough to leave a pale glow on the ground, the first time that Jane has seen it so in NYC. She was in Australia during the two early-winter accumulations and was excited to have this little taste. She isn't as excited by the bitter cold, but knows that snow can only come with cold. We were out with friends Len and Peter, contemplating life in a city where bars will soon be smokeless and television has turned ridiculous; and then a dinner with brother Linus. Jane has also been tearing through books at an alarming pace, preparing for months and months (that begin in a week) when academic pressures won't leave her time for the lounging she has become so good at.

Fresh snow on the back patio in Brooklyn A winter sunset colors the wolrd's tallest clock tower (or so we have been told) visible from our Brooklyn home Ethan's brother Linus bundled up against the cold Jane preparing for a busy day of . . . reading

And so here we are today. Nine months, six continents, and twenty-two countries later. Settled at last. And looking forward to a little down time, Jane in school, Ethan at whatever he can dredge out of this silted-up economy. And always happy to spend time with friends. If you are in New York City, please don't be a stranger.

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