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BikeAbout Personnel

riderBikeAbout was founded by Ethan Gelber click to view a photograph, a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (with a Masters in International Education and Cross-cultural Communication). He learned about education, technology, and bicycle travel during his six years helping to establish, manage and guide for Blue Marble Travel, a European culturally-based bicycle tourism company. A native of New York City, Ethan has taught Humanities at an inner-city alternative high school which he helped open and for which he helped design the curriculum. He has also worked for UNESCO, the American Council of Learned Societies, and different regional research institutes at Columbia University. Ethan has toured extensively, often by bicycle, in Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. He speaks fluent French, functional Italian and German, and sloppy Spanish. Since the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean journey, in addition to his work for BikeAbout, he has moonlighted as a writer, editor, and translator, most recently for and Lonely Planet Publications. (Read more about and by Ethan.)

webmasterElizabeth Guffey click to view a photograph, the BikeAbout Internet Coordinator, manages Daedalus Design Group, an on-line design firm which she founded in 1995. Elizabeth graduated from Yale University with a degree in philosophy and then quickly turned her attention to computer technology. She spent six years at DeLorme Mapping writing software user guides, on-line help systems and product demos, and developing multimedia content for their popular digital map products: Street Atlas USATM, Global ExplorerTM, and Map'n'GoTM. As creative and technical director of Daedalus Design Group, Elizabeth has worked with Maine businesses and organizations to create effective Web presences. Most recently, she has been assisting the Yarmouth High School Social Studies Department with a pilot program to integrate the World Wide Web into the classroom as both a research tool and a presentation medium.

riderPadraic Kennedy click to view a photograph, one of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean riders, is now an Assistant Professor of European History at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he teaches courses on European, American and World History. At the time of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean journey, he had just earned his Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, completing a dissertation that examined how 19th Century governments responded to early acts of terrorism and political violence. His current research focuses on espionage and intelligence work in Victorian Britain. For the past ten years Padraic has combined his academic interests with his love of cycling and travel: organizing, leading, and participating in bicycle tours throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Padraic has at times boasted (quietly) about his microwave oven skills, memorably winning the prestigious Iron Chef competition with his ingenious creations using Velveeta Cheese Products. Or not. (Read more about and by Padraic.)

riderandrEa Siegl click to view a photograph, one of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean riders, was born and lives in Graz, Austria. She cut short her training as an architect when she realized that she did not agree with a basic philosophy about the role of architecture in contemporary life, and turned her attention to international non-profits. With an eye toward art, organizing and bicycling, she has designed promotional materials (T-shirts, posters, postcards) and written interesting case studies about community-building and communication. andrEa has also often been the only woman bike messenger at VeloBlitz-courier, where she has worked on and off for four years, even going to the 1993 and 1995 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Berlin and Toronto, and the 1996 European races in Hamburg. andrEa has traveled by bike and foot all over Europe, and for 2,200 kilometers through New Zealand. At the time of the BikeAbout journey, she was focusing her attention on learning more and more about photography, computers and the Internet, as tools to be used separately and together, especially in support of communication and community-building. (Read more about and by andrEa.)

riderCorinne Whitney click to view a photograph, one of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean riders, studied documentary filmmaking at Columbia College, Chicago, before moving into freelance work in film and video production. She has used her skills to specialize in promotional endeavors for non-profit organizations such as the Illinois Pro-Choice Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Combining all her skills and interests, she helped found Eyes Open Productions, a non-profit media company, through which she co-created Women with Voices: the Global Grassroots Women's Movement, a documentary covering tales from the feminist front in various parts of the world. Corinne's interest in political issues and women also led her to the Fourth World Conference on Women Non-Governmental Organization Forum in Beijing, China in 1995. At the time of the BikeAbout-the Mediterranean journey, Corinne had recently been part of the team behind the new Chicago Symphony Orchestra ECHO Project: The CSO A-Musing Room, an inter-active, multi-media introduction to the world of Classical Music. She had been a year-round urban cyclist for three years. (Read more about and by Corinne.)

riderAnthony Ziehmke click to view a photograph, one of the BikeAbout riders, is a product of the wide open spaces of the West. Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and moved to Wisconsin, he has been a part of the outdoors since his first camping trip when he was two weeks old. His passion for hiking, camping, canoeing, hunting, fishing and cycling remains undiminished. With a degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a penchant for science and technology, and a consuming curiosity about the world, its cultures and customs, Anthony has, among other things, worked for the salmon industry in Alaska, as a carpenter in Arizona and a cycling tour guide in France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. He has traveled throughout Europe, to North Africa, and most recently to Central America. Anthony is also a voracious reader, a talented musician, and an award-winning photographer. He has been cycling since he wore the wheels off his very first tricycle. (Read more about and by Anthony.)

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