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BikeAbout Log

At 6:00 PM
March 8, 1998

Sunrise (local): 6:55 a.m.
Sunset (local): 6:28 p.m.
60°F sunny
Traveled Since Last Dispatch
70 mi / 112 km

Cumulative Total
3141 mi / 5058 km
Lat: 39° 37' 52" N
Lon: 22° 25' 13" E
Elev: 79 ft / 24 m

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Larisa (Larisa, in Greek)
Where We're Staying: Hotel Diethnes (Diethnes, in Greek)
Places We Visited: Byzantine Museum, Mount Athos Special Exhibit, Mount Olympus, beach, Vale of Tembi
Featured Site: Mount Athos visit the World Heritage Site page
Person of the Day: Sofia click to view a photograph
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: salanaki, or fried cheese
Breakfast: spinach pastries
Lunch: bread, cheese and sausage
Dinner: a whole chicken, french fries, salad, ice cream
Olive count: 1850
Word of the Day: "Yasas" (yasas, in Greek) click to hear an audio clip means "Hello" in Greek.
Tech Fact of the Day: Salt is bad for bicycles
Flat Count (Cumulative): 21
Broken Spoke Count (Cumulative): 27 (Padraic joins the broken spoke club!)
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Next Stop: Athens

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