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At 6:00 PM
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Sunrise (local): 6:37 a.m.
Sunset (local): 5:24 p.m.
75°F sunny
Traveled Since Oct. 30
43 mi / 69 km

892 mi / 1436 km
Lat: 34° 44' 05" N
Lon: 10° 44' 43" E
Elev: 0 ft / 0 m

[Webmaster's note: This dispatch covers the travel days from October 31 to November 1. The almanac data refers to November 1.]

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Sfax click to view a map
Where We're Staying: Maison des Jeunes
Places We Visited: Medina of Sfax (Saturday)
Featured Site: Tunisia's vast olive groves
People of the Day: Porter Gale and Donna Murphy, the dedicated bicyclists from "Two Chicks, Two Bikes, Once Cause"
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: roulet avec petits pois
Breakfast: bread with jam and butter, and café au lait
Lunch: bread, fruit, and yogurt
Dinner: pea soup (Tunisian style), brik, and salad
Olive Count: 899
Words of the Day: Monj and la bess are both ways to say "alright" in Tunisian Arabic.
Tech Fact of the Day: "Click-in" shoes and pedals are helpful, but also potentially dangerous. Sometimes bicyclists wear special shoes that "click" into pedals kind of the way Legos or ski-bindings work. Having both feet secured to the pedals helps a cyclist maintain an even circular pedal stroke and "spin 90", especially over long distances. But if you are using "clip" pedals and stop without quickly releasing your feet from the pedal holds, gravity runs its course, and you go down. It takes a while getting used to clicking in and out, so falling over is all part of the game. This accounts for most of Corinne's newest scrapes, bumps and bruises!
Flat Count: 2
Broken Spoke Count: 10
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