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At 6:00 PM
previous day's journalOctober 17–18, 1997next day's journal
Sunrise (local): 6:28 a.m.
Sunset (local): 5:40 p.m.
77°F sunny
Traveled Since Oct. 16
6 mi / 10 km

505 mi / 813 km
Lat: 36° 50' 05" N
Lon: 10° 13' 03" E
Elev: 0 ft / 0 m

[Webmaster's note: This dispatch covers the travel days from October 17 to October 18. The almanac data refers to October 18.]

Fast Facts

Where We Are: Tunis click to view a photographclick to view a map
Where We're Staying: A family home in the rue de Sfax, hosted by friends of Ethan
Places We Visited: Travel day — no visits
Featured Site: Liberté (a ship of the SNCM, or Société Nationale Maritime Corse–Méditerranée, also known as Ferryterranée)
Person of the Day: Madame Nabila
What We Ate:
Food of the Day: chausson aux pommes
Breakfast/Lunch: pains au chocolat, croissants, apples, Yop (yogurt drink)
Dinner: two kinds of baguettes, accompanied by tomatoes, peppers, famous French goat cheeses, and — as a farewell to France — more of our favorite yogurt drink, Yop . . . or what was left of it
Olive Count: 458
Word of the Day: Gilet de sauvetage means "life jacket" in French.
Tech Fact of the Day: Electricity is the food for our four Compaq laptops and we take care to feed them often. One computer battery needs approximately two to three hours for a full charge. With this voltage-meal, our computers work for about two hours without being plugged in (and the computer will run for up to eight hours when we use the sleep/screensaver mode). To keep them charged on the road, we visit cafés in hopes of both café au lait and electrical outlets. Or, if we are lucky, local contacts let us use their offices or apartments for charging our batteries. Overall, it has been much easier to find a plug in the wall with which to feed our batteries every day than it is to find a phone line with which to connect to the Internet. We hope this will change in Tunisia!
Flat Count: 2
Broken Spoke Count: 7
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Next Stop: Bizerte!

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