Gibraltar Gallery

We are busy gathering information for this area of the BikeAbout site. The riders will be uploading photos they take along the way, and you'll be able to see these images in this gallery. Maps were provided by DeLorme Mapping from their Global ExplorerTM software.

map icon
Mediterranean Coastal Spain and Gibraltar GIF, 26KB DeLorme Mapping
photograph icon 06/30/98 Ethan and Anthony's approach to Gibraltar JPG, 14KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 The Rock JPG, 22KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 Ethan and Anthony's on the road to Gibraltar JPG, 23KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 Corinne and Anthony at the beach JPG, 24KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 Ethan at the beach JPG, 29KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 Ethan, Corinne and their trusty Wheeler bikes JPG, 25KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 View of the Rock of Gibraltar through a Wheeler bike frame JPG, 26KB
photograph icon 06/30/98 Welcome to Gibraltar! JPG, 16KB

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