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The Internet Access Company (TIAC) Hosts BikeAbout's Virtual Domain

12 February 1997

NEW YORK -- BikeAbout's site on the World Wide Web has moved and can now be found at

The Internet Access Company (TIAC) has generously provided BikeAbout with the space for its new home on the Web, hosting for its virtual domain, as well as full Internet access.

BikeAbout can now also be reached at any of the following email addresses:

     Webmaster and        
        Internet Coordination
     Education Coordination
     Automated information system

TIAC is the leading Internet Service Provider throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic States, with 34 Point of Presence sites from Portland, Maine, to Washington D.C.. TIAC has been providing qualified service for almost three years and was voted best of Boston by Boston Magazine in 1995.

For more information on The Internet Access Company and the full-service Internet access solution they provide, please visit their Web site at or contact their unparalleled Customer Service directly by email at or by phone at any of the following numbers: (617) 276-7200 in Massachusetts, (203) 644-8176 in Connecticut, (603) 421-0711 (in New Hampshire), (401) 453-0424 in Rhode Island or (212) 929-9777 in New York.

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