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From Alhyat Aljadedah ("New Life") Monday, 8 December 1997

"New Life" is a Palestinian newspaper distributed in Gaza and the West Bank, and with a circulation of about 10,000.

Translation of the article "Diwan el Shabab Hosts the American Association BikeAbout" is as follows:

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Under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Diwan el Shabab is hosting the American association BikeAbout, a non-governmental organization working to increase interest about connections in the Mediterranean area and between its people. BikeAbout is five cyclists, traveling around the Mediterranean by bicycle, and carrying computers that can be connected to the Internet. Their tools are used in the places they visit, like universities, schools, and youth clubs. Each member of the team carries a bag containing the most modern technology in the Internet world.

The BikeAbout team has already begun its ten-month trip. Since September, they have visited Morocco, Spain, France, Tunisia, Italy, and Egypt. They will stay in Gaza until the 11th of this month where they will convey their new message in their very modern way. The team is working under the motto "The more people know about each other the less inclined they will be to fight."

Diwan el Shabab is a Palestinian youth center and was established by a French NGO called DIA (Initiatives and Dialogue).

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